Let's get you color matched!

This next step is very important!

Providing a proper photo is imperative to getting an accurate color match! PLEASE, do not send a photo of you in the car, in your bathroom, on your couch, with your back to a window or outside. If you send an improper photo- no worries, I will ask for another one! Refer to the image below.

Upload a photo inside facing a window in natural light- where I can see face & neck.

TIP: If you can take a photo wearing a neutral color (white is best) so it doesn't interfere with the balance of colors in the photo that would be ideal! If not I can manage! Just be sure you double check and ask yourself "does this photo represent my tone true to life" if the answer is no- try again!!

If you are not redirected to Ezmia's Own Trend Facebook Page after you've hit SUBMIT, scroll up as you may have missed a required field.

Text and Data rates apply. (Frequence of 1-3 messages per month). For customer care text "HELP" You can opt out at anytime by replying "STOP"