Accommodation Note: You are welcome to stay at the Maya Resort and Spa, or we highly recommend using Agoda for the cheapest rates in Sanur. Everything is close by, so travel won't be an issue.

Other Notes: The structure of the retreat and a checklist of what you need to bring with you will be provided closer to the dates.

A rough itinerary: Mornings are reserved for self-work, strategy, exercises, and workshops. Afternoons are flexible, allowing you to spend your time as you wish, whether chilling or chatting. Group dinners will be arranged and are optional if you’d like to attend.

Families: You are welcome to bring your families or partners to join you in Bali. However, please note that the morning workshops and strategy sessions are exclusively for We Breathe Success members. This ensures everyone can stay hyper-focused on themselves and engage in deep inner and outer work. No children are permitted at the workshops.

Attendees: You must be a paying member of We Breathe Success, with all payments up to date, during the dates of the Bali Retreat to attend.

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