As a Rocket Plumbing Los Angeles team member, you must be able to follow Instructions

It is more important than ever in our industry to meet the new expectations from customers to "get it right" the first time.

To meet those expectations, our brand specializes in handling complex plumbing issues with high tech solutions, so every team member must be able to adapt to new technology and innovation.

Being able to communicate clearly and understand instructions is a key factor in meeting those expectations with both our customers and commitments to excellence amongst fellow team members who depend on each other to deliver excellent quality work.

To that end we ask, at this very early stage, a simple demonstration of that ability. Please follow the below instructions to be considered for a position with Rocket Plumbing Los Angeles.

1) With your mobile phone device, go outside your residence to the nearest street sign (Ensure that Geo Location data is turned ON on your mobile device)

2) Snap 1 picture of the Street sign

3) Attach the picture of the street sign and submit in the field below