In consideration for my or my child's attendance and participation in the martial arts training offered by Washington DC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I acknowledge the existence of certain inherent risks in this type of training and hereby agree to assume all risks. I further relieve WDC BJJ LLC, Grappling Fight Team, the school, it's management, assigned staff, and fellow students from liability resulting from bodily injury, virus, any type of contagious sickness, or loss, whether personal belongings or bodily injury. I understand that member images may be used for promotional or training purposes. I agree that I or my child will not attend any event at any time when I or my child believes that they might be ill, is experiencing any symptoms of illness, or has been exposed to a person or persons known to be infected with a contagious illness. I also hereby state that I or my child is physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction and does so of my own free will.

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