Principal's Details

What year did you start working as a full-time BA, either in your current role or with a previous employer

Membership Details

Please choose which membership type you are applying for
Which state is your business primarily based in?
Select ALL states and territories that you actively purchase properties in. Note each additional state requires an additional membership fee of $250 per year, if you are active and licenced in that state and/or promote your services for that state
Upload a current organisation chart showing ALL team members that are involved in your business, including employees, contractors and casual staff. Please ensure you note job titles/roles and highlight ALL team members that work in an advisory role and/or require a real estate licence
Upload a copy of ALL your real estate licences, including individual, corporation and ALL staff members who work in an advisory role and/or require a real estate licence
Please list which team members you would like to add as additional REBAA Staff Members (excluding you the Principal). Note each paid staff membership is $250 per year, but they also gain all the same membership benefits as you.
Upload your current certificate of cover for a suitable professional indemnity insurance policy to a minimum of $2m cover

Agency Details

What date did you establish your current buyer's agency business? Choose the latter of business registration date, individual licence approval date or corporation licence approval date
Does your business provide any other services aside from Buyers Agency? E.g. Property Management, Vendor Advocacy, Property Planning, or Renovation Advice etc. If you do offer Vendor Advocacy, what is your protocol in the event a Buyers Advocacy client is interested in a property for sale which you are acting as the Vendor Advocate?

Continued Eligibility Requirements

To continue your REBAA membership you must meet the following key eligibility requirements (by ticking the box below and submitting your application on behalf of your agency you are confirming that your agency meets the minimum requirements):

  • The business operates exclusively as a Buyers Agency.

  • Have been generally operating as a Buyers Agency for a minimum of 12 months full time or equivalent.

  • Be a licensed real estate agency in all of the relevant states/territories in which you buy property in.

  • Ensure the principal and all staff acting in a Buyers Agent capacity meet the meet the minimum licensing requirements in all of the relevant states/territories your agency buys including being a registered agent or assistant agent with OFT or relevant Property Board in your state/territory.

  • Have professional indemnity insurance to a minimum cover of $2m.

  • Not have properties listed for sale or be involved in direct selling as a Sales Agent, including all agency team members.

  • You will also need to be willing to uphold the REBAA Code of Conduct and to get actively involved in attending REBAA events and sharing in the activities we develop to enhance the profile and professionalism of our industry.

Code of Conduct