In order to ensure your appointment is booked in alignment with your custom needs, we just need a few things from you before we connect!  We can't wait to arrange your custom appointment with your goals in mind!

Please upload a current photo of your hair (we need as close to your hair as possible, we love your selfies but full body shots aren't as helpful!)

We LOVE your cute selfies and filtered photos, we think they're gorgeous, but what we really need is a close up, NON-filtered photo. Front, side and back views are the most helpful. If you can upload all 3 - BONUS POINTS.

These are not posted anywhere public - please don't worry about what you look like :) We only need the best representation of what your hair looks like right NOW.

What services have you done to your hair in the past 2-5 years?

Please upload inspiration photo or "hair goals" photo, preferably from our Instagram: or your preferred artist's Instagram

It is usually helpful to use photos from one of our artists (portfolios can be found on our website or on our This is because we can guarantee that they are not filtered as we do not filter our photos! Please do not send filtered photos in this section.

If you were referred by another Client (be sure to mention them by name, you'll both receive a gift), Instagram, Facebook, Google, Yelp etc.

Cancellation Policy Agreement: 

We ask for a minimum of 48 hours to cancel or reschedule an appointment or 25% of your service may be charged. After 2 appointments are canceled given less than a 24 hour window notice, we charge a 50% cancellation fee and require a deposit of 50% for all future appointments.

If no-call/no-show, we charge 50% of your service and require a 50% deposit to be used toward your next service prior to booking. We also reserve the right to suspend clients online booking option with more than one no show.

I understand to book an appointment,  I need to provide my credit card on file. I understand my credit card will not be charged unless I do not follow the cancellation policy. 

Full list of salon policies and pricing can be found here: