Keep in Mind!
Remember to stand and breath as you normally would while your measurements are being taken. A custom garment should fit you at your best and worst posture, so relax! Enter all numbers as quarter decimals. Example - 18, 18.25, 18.5, 18.75.
Neck Size
Don't take this measurement tightly. Gently pull the tape around the neck until you can feel it all around. Not snug, but don't leave slack.
Chest Size
Raise your arms high as the tape is placed around you, then once it is, bring your arms down slowly until they rest at your sides. Ensure that the tape goes high into your armpit and across your shoulder blades rather than under. Similar to neck, ensure that the tape has no slack, but isn't tight.
Waist (Belly) Size
Your waist measurement should be taken just above your belly button, or right at the "love handle" area. Again, not too snug!
Pant Waist Measurement
Waist measurements are taken where you will wear your pants or jeans. This measurement can be taken snug.
Hip (Seat) Size
Hip measurements are taken at the fullest part of your seat (butt) across the hips, similar to your chest measurement. Be sure to remove anything you may have in your pockets!
Shirt Length
Shirt length is measured from the top of your shoulder at the base of your neck, following your body down to the point where you want your shirt to end. It helps to wear an existing dress shirt you love, especially if you plan to keep it untucked!
Shoulder Width
Think of your shoulder point as the intersection point of where the shoulder slopes down from your neck and runs up from your bicep. Use the photo as an example. Measure across your back from shoulder point to point in a similar arced fashion like the photo indicates.
Arm Length
Sleeve length measurement is taken from the center of your back neck across the top of the shoulder and ending 1/2" past the point of your wrist bone.
Bicep Size
Your bicep measurement should be taken with your arm relaxed at your side. Measure the fullest part of your bicep, with the tape just snug enough so you can feel the tape all around. If you're more muscular, take this measurement with your arm slightly (but not fully) flexed.
Wrist Size
Your wrist measurement is taken around your wrist bone. This measurement is taken just snug enough so the you can feel the tape all around.
Outseam Length
The outseam is measured with your favorite dress pants or jeans, depending on what you intend to have made. Start at the top of your waistband down to where you want your pants or jeans to end.
Your inseam is measured similarly to your outseam, with your favorite pants or jeans on. Measure from the center of your fork (where your legs meet at the crotch) and down along the inner side of the leg to where you want your pants or jeans to end. Stand upright and do not bend your leg.
Thigh Size
2 1/2" below the fork is your thigh measurement. Take this similar to your neck, bearing in mind that baggy jeans or pants will cause the measurement to be too large.
Please upload four images of yourself in tight fitting clothing. Please stand straight but relaxed, with arms at your side. Please ensure that you can see your entire body in the images. You may upload up to five photos. Please include Front, Back, L Side and R Side.