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"Why Talk About Gut Health If I Already Eat Well?"

An unhealthy microbiome can lead to a variety of common health issues affecting both body and mind. Good nutrition passing through a gut (microbiome) that is imbalanced and malfunctioning will not allow for optimal digestion, absorption, elimination or abundant health. If good nutrition is one side of a coin, the other side of the coin is good gut health.  When these two get out of balance it leads to inflammation, pain, weight gain, fatigue, poor digestion, anxiety, depression, poor sleep...

Did you know that…

  • almost twice as many women suffer from digestive health issues on a weekly basis compared to men. 

  • 62% of people worldwide suffer from digestive complaints such as constipation, indigestion or diarrhea at least once per year

  • 95% of serotonin, a major mood enhancing hormone, is produced in the small intestine.

  • 70% of our immune system is located in the gut.

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The list below may indicate health issues originating in the gut.  It is divided into 3 sections based on stages in life: Adult, Teen/Child and Infant/Prenatal.

This helps to demonstrate that many health challenges in adulthood are linked to indicators that started as a child.  It's also a useful tool for identifying that poor gut health may be at the root of health problems affecting the children in our lives.

Gut Health Analysis Source:

BRAIN MAKER Dr. David Perlmutter M.D

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Many health issues start during infancy, childhood or teens...

Childhood and Teen Years

Prenatal and Infancy

Nowadays, most people are aware of the importance of probiotics & prebiotics.  

However, simply consuming probiotics and/or fibre on a hit and miss basis to recover from years or decades of poor gut health often meets with limited success.

Plexus is a company founded in gut health, expert at microbiome. Its formulators developed an effective three-step system that “WEEDS, SEEDS & FEEDS” the gut in order to cleanse, condition, rehabilitate, and maintain a healthy, functioning gut microbiome. 

Restore & Maintain A Healthy Microbiome with Triplex

Step into the life possible for you with good gut health!

WEEDING is designed to support your gut by cleansing and eliminating unwanted microbes, fungus and yeast that compete with your good bacteria and harm your ideal gut microbiome.

SEEDING your gut with good bacteria(probiotics), once you have WEEDED, createsa hospitable environment for good bacteria to flourish (Like overseeding your lawn, after you have WEEDED out the dandelions & prickly weeds that have been competing with and choking out the beautiful green lawn you deserve and desire

FEEDING provides your gut's good bacteria, the nutrients to stay balanced. strong and flourish. (Like fertilizing and watering to maintain your beautiful lawn.

Maintaining optimal Gut Health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and one of our Five Pillars of Optimal Vitality.

BENEFITS:  This 3 step system helps to restore a healthy Microbiome, and in the process alleviate or eliminate the related symptoms and suffering that have plagued you. Gut Health Rehabilitation is a process and takes time. Many people experience benefits in the first days or weeks.

However, full gut recovery may take months.

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