This is the approximate budget you're comfortable with for your new PC. We often recommend spending less than your budget, and sometimes we will advise to spend a little more depending on your use case. The currency is AUD.
Give us as much information as possible about what you'll use the PC for! Is it just for gaming? Do you stream? Do you need to do any heavy video editing, photo editing, 3D modelling or similar? Giving us more information helps to give you the best possible advice for your new PC.
If you're ready to order and pay for a new PC today choose yes, but if you need some time to save up for your new PC that's no problem - choose the approximate timeframe you need before getting a new PC and I'll make sure my advice suits you! Also bear in mind you can start a layby or use ZipMoney / ZipPay for your new PC; if you're ready for a layby or Zip today, choose yes.
Like most humans, we can speak faster than we can type! A phone call is the quickest way for us to get our advice across to you, and even if you feel like you know nothing about PCs, don't worry! By the end of a short phone call you'll know everything you need to know about PC parts and specifically what's important in your new PC.