Helping you create passive income to live the life you want is our passion at Three Keys Investments, the wealth branch of The Conscious Investor. 

Because we aim to help investors take their first or next steps in their investing journey, our offerings are nearly always 506(b). This means we cannot advertise our offerings. Only those who have gone through our application process have access to our investment opportunities. 

On the bright side, this aligns with our investment philosophy because we aim to know our investors and their goals.

This also means we can accept both accredited AND sophisticated investors into our offerings.  

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Our minimum investment ranges between $50k- $100k.

  • We receive both qualified accredited and sophisticated investors.

  • We only present offerings with minimum projections of a 15% IRR,  5% CoC, and 2x multiple over the course of the hold period. 

  • We are committed to investing in housing for humans through assisted living and multifamily assets generally located in the midwest. 

  • We sometimes have opportunities for investors to enter with at risk capital. There is an area to note this you're interested in discussing this further.

  • We offer 1-3 investments a year depending on market conditions.  Because we refuse to compromise on our investment criteria in 2023 we only presented one offering to our investors.

  • We generally offer quarterly distributions.

Note: This information does not constitute an offer to sell nor is it a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

Personal Information

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The SEC has very strict guidelines regarding our syndication projects. In order to invest in our syndication projects, you need to be EITHER an accredited investor or a sophisticated investor.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine whether you meet the requirements needed in order to invest in potential offerings.

Your Investment Experience

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