Have you done a brain dump? if not please do so. Set aside 1hr and set a timer for 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes need to be just to brain dump write whatever you want and ask yourself what would be ideal for you i a program? what has contributed to your success in your daily live that you feel will benefit. 

Divide your knowledge into Before Now Future Meaning the client comes thinking it is hard or difficult ? or isn't aware of certain things, she doesn’t t have a process for . Make the columns on a sheet of paper in your notes, in a google doc in whatever it is put it on paper and start. This is a rough draft and stop doubting yourself, lets go ! Have the courage to birth your offer and Stop saying you have no idea or its to hard , You need self leadership skills and it starts by at least thinking ok I can do this, Ok it is easy Ok one day at the time .

How long, how many weeks? SIDE NOTE :Set up the start date and mark it in your calendar using the Google calendar training where you first write down your non negotiable then add the dates . If you are a service provider or don’t t have a program but are growing your business . Your start date is now today. So make time daily to promote your business, same concept of a coaching program you set the calendar as a direct command that you are open and ready for business. 

Price ? Take into consideration your studies, how much have you invested in time, resources etc 

How will you teach it? Zoom 

What questions do you have around the program ? If any 

THESE ARE SELF LEADERSHIP Root Chakra Traits which one do you want to develop more of 

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