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Please take a moment to gather the necessary information before starting. Below is an outline of what the form will ask for, along with details on the information you should prepare in advance:

Personal Information: Full name, address, contact details

Business Details: Business name, contact information, website URL, License #

Community Information: Services offered, history, description, logos

Preferences: Branding & design, color scheme, photos

Implementation: Domain access & going-live details

Please note: This form needs to be completed in one session as it cannot be saved midway through. Ensure you have all the required information at hand before starting.

Please Note: Only information submitted in this Onboarding Form will be used for your new site. Please include all information you want on your new site below.

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This information will be used on your website to fill out any contact information sections.

Community Contact Info

To make sure all your communities are displayed on your new website, please provide information for each one you'd like to showcase. In each question field, just press the "Enter" or "Return" key to add extra details on a new line, keeping them separate for each community.

General Community Info

Technical Info

Technical Info

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❗ Email Service Notice ❗

Please be aware that if your business email is connected to your current website host, switching to our Optimized Website service might affect your email. For instance, if your website and email are both hosted with GoDaddy, your email service could be disrupted when we publish your new Optimized Website.

However, this wouldn't be an issue if, for example, your website is hosted on GoDaddy, but your email is through Google Workspace.

This doesn't typically occur but is a possibility depending on how your systems were set up. To avoid this and ensure your email stays active during the transition, we suggest speaking with your current host or setting up a new email service provider. If you have any concerns, let us know. We're here to help!

I understand the need to verify my business email settings to ensure continuous uptime as I begin working with ConversionFormula.