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The following questions relate to turnkey consulting services.

If you need plans or a custom home kit ONLY, please answer the questions below ANYWAYS as they will help us guide you to the plans or kit that may best fit your needs.

If you are wanting to start your project in 6 months or less, ask us via text or chat for an initial consultation.

The entire initial process can be completed in much less time with clients who are prepared to make decisions quickly and know what they want.

If you are starting your project over 6 months from now, we are happy to answer initial questions via chat and text but encourage you to look at our website in detail and watch videos/learn about our services, etc.

We traditionally will be FAR MORE THOROUGH and often MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than standard builder/contractor pricing for our turnkey consulting services. We stay very busy with calls and meetings and prefer our prospective clients to have done some research by talking to local builders and contractors before coming to see us. You will learn why our process is so different, unique, and it works.

It is imperative if you are doing financing you are pre-approved so we know the amount you have available for your budget. All other questions or details are about what you want and the level of finishes, etc is NOT important until you know your entire budget.

Prices can change drastically for materials/subcontractors and their availability can change on a weekly basis. For this reason, it is vitally important you have any obstacles already handled and out of the way before starting your project. Starting planning and design and budgeting is fine while you are working on the final obstacles before starting.

The founder has over 4 decades of construction experience and built million dollar homes on budget and on time using the very same methods we use with our clients.

After an initial phone call and an initial Zoom meeting to go over our process, you will be presented with a one time offer to utilize our turnkey consulting services at a discount. Should you decide to work with us after the initial meeting offer has expired you will have to pay full price for our services. We do this to distract the "tire kickers" and those who want to "learn" at others time and expense.