We will send over a link where you can generate your proof of funds letter.

Please send an email to once you have a contract and we will proceed.

It may be very difficult to acquire lending for you at this time, please come back to us when the new account is over 6 months old.

Based on your answers we may have some awesome options for you and will send you all of the links and details via email. You will also receive a confirmation text as soon as your lending options are sent.

Based on your answer we should look into a personal loan option.

If you do not have a dedicated account set up for your business it will be difficult to help you get business lending, consider our personal lending option until you are able to acquire an account where an underwriter can see the revenue coming into the company monthly.

Ok great, we will send you a couple of our company partners via email. They will able to assist you immediately and upon agreement of their terms you can obtain lending with 7-14 days.