So you have some 'News You Can Use'? Or want to have a plan to 'Use Your News'? Your in the right place.

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Why are we asking this?

Press releases (when done right) are very useful for visibility and exposure for local businesses in their area. They can have knock-on effects with higher local search rankings, and social media shares.


They can also be an incredible waste of money for a Local Business when done wrong. PR firms have preyed upon Local Business owners with promises of massive exposure, we hear from local business owners often about this. We ask because if you have had any done in the past, we can help make them much more useful, without having to publish any new ones. More about that later.

Keep In Mind...

There are all kinds of worthwhile events local businesses overlook. Here is a handy list if you think your answer is No...

Years In Business Anniversaries

New Hires

Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

New 5 Star Reviews

New Product, Service, Menu Item, Upgrade Offers