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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You may be answering for yourself, or for a loved one, or a person for whom you are providing help.

98% of all older Americans want to stay independent and in their own homes as long as possible. The cost of making accessibility modifications to an existing home is virtually always much less expensive than a move. If you are planning on moving in the near future, you may want to wait until you are in your permanent home to make modifications. Or,  we can install your tub with a future removal and relocation in mind.

If you rent, you may need landlord approval before you modify your bathroom.

If you live with other adults, it is important to take into account their current or future needs, as well as whether they might be able to assist you, or require assistance from you.

Bathing frequency drops significantly as we age. Bathing less than 3x a week is not considered the best hygiene. As we age, most Americans reduce our bathing frequency, not because our hygiene standards drop, but because the bathing process is too stressful and dangerous.

Many people shower because they cannot bathe in a tub. Many people also think showers are safe, when in fact, they may not be.

Many objects are used for support that are not intended for such use.

The physical exertion required to raise a human body from the floor can be very dangerous, or impossible for most people. The amount of energy required is significant. Broken sternums, strained shoulders, elbows, knees and wrists are common injuries.

Most people think showers are safer, but even with a proper seat, they can be more dangerous.

Standing under and turning in the water spray, closing eyes while washing, bending to reach body parts and toiletries are all very dangerous and create a great risk of falling. Minimum safety requires a proper grab bar on all walls, and outside the tub or shower.

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