How soon do you want to start your project?

What kind of property is this kitchen for?

How long do you plan on living in your home after your project is complete?

Do you have a contractor already?

What is the budget for your project?

(If you don't have a budget, what do you want to spend on this project?)


What are the most important things you want in your new kitchen?

What style of kitchen are you looking for?

What finishes & colors would you like for your cabinets?

What cabinet style are you considering?

Do you want handles on your cabinets or do you want handleless style cabinets?

Are you keeping or changing the current footprint of your kitchen?

Are you making any structural changes?

Check all that apply:

Which bottom cabinet style would you prefer for pots and pans?

What kind of countertops would you like?

What are you thinking for backsplash?

What are you doing for flooring?

Are you keeping your existing appliances?

Will your appliances have integrated panels to blend in with your cabinets?

Do you want under cabinet or integrated lighting?

Choose all that apply

Are you adding/replacing any recessed or suspending light fixtures?

Choose all that apply

What sink style have you decided on?