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To ensure compliance with industry regulations and to protect your practice, we strongly advise the following:

NMSA licensees are encouraged not to work in the same facility as a cosmetologist or esthetician.
Under cosmetology regulations, cosmetologists and estheticians cannot perform aesthetic services. If found practicing within the same setting, both fines and shutdowns can occur.

Statement of Understanding:
You’ve read the above clause and understand that it’s against NMSA Regulations to work in the same facility as a cosmetologist or esthetician.

Guidance for Cosmetologists and Estheticians:
If you currently hold a cosmetologist or esthetician license, you will need to seek advice from your governing board regarding rendering aesthetic services.
Most cosmetology boards will require their licensees to work under a medical director.

Obtaining an NMSA License:
If you are a cosmetologist or esthetician and wish to obtain an NMSA license, you will be required to cancel the opposing licensure before proceeding or abide by your governing board’s regulations regarding aesthetic services.

Please note: One license will cancel out the other. 

Recommendations for Practice:
To combat this issue, we recommend our members work in environments with peers who hold the same licensing status.
This approach not only helps avoid regulatory conflicts but also fosters a professional setting tailored to non-invasive aesthetic services.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can minimize the risk of legal complications and maintain the integrity of your practice.